GST page is timing out due to 10kbps internet connection speed in panaji, goa

The government is making it compulsory for citizens to file GST returns online, but is also extremely aggressive in blocking, slowing down the internet connection of some citizens, especially those who protest or expose corrupt government officials
The internet connection speed in panaji,goa has again dropped to 10 kpbs which is very slow , slower than dialup connection 21 years ago
It is taking a lot of time to login to the GST account,and the user is also getting logged out automatically
So though the user only has to submit the returns, she is wasting more than 40 minutes just trying to login in panaji,goa

Earlier citizens did not have to file returns online,the government is making online returns filing compulsory and also blocking the internet connection in panaji,goa, wasting their time, and adversely affecting the quality of their life since they have less time for other activities

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