Despite making fake black money allegations, no proof to send income tax notice.

One of the most shocking aspects of the indian tech and internet sector is how fake black money allegations used to commit financial fraud, deny hardworking single woman privacy without legally valid reason since 2010, sexually harass her and commit the most horrific human rights abuses
The fraud liar indian tech and internet companies, officials are aware that the hardworking single woman engineer is only receiving payment in her bank account, she does not meet anyone and does not receive much correspondence, yet they repeat their lies.
Yet some powerful official is so blinded by his hatred that he is making fake black money allegations for the last 12 years since 2010. While in all other sectors, the income and revenues have increased, online advertising revenues have declined drastically for almost all publishers since google has a monopoly. Yet the indian internet sector companies and officials refuse to admit that the decline in revenues is an industry trend, just like circulation of magazines and newspapers has declined, continue to hound the single woman, making 100% fake allegations of black money.
Indicating the lack of profesionalism in government agencies, the officials are not questioned on how much money is being wasted on putting the single woman under surveillance, monitoring her when she is making very less money, and there are many people like greedy gujju stock trader amita patel who are making far more money, Rs 30 crore or more annually, and have a large number of people complaining against her.
The fake black money allegations are used to commit cybercrime so that a large number of high status well connected frauds can falsely claim to own her bank account to get monthly government salaries without doing any computer work, without investing money in domains.
12 years later there is no evidence to send any income tax notice, yet the criminal defamation, financial fraud continues showing the lack of honesty, humanity and integrity of the rich and powerful in india

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