Indian security agency employees have plenty of black money from the BRIBES they receive

One of the reasons why young people are mainly interested in government jobs is because they can make plenty of money from BRIBES. Compared to other professions, indian security agencies have the most black money, since they demand and get excellent BRIBES for abusing their discretionary powers and making fake claims
There is also no one to question these government employees for abusing their powers and MAKING FAKE CLAIMS.

For example indore robber housewife R&AW employee deepika is only COOKING, HOUSEKEEPING, she is not doing any computer work at all which can be legally proved. yet her fraud liar husband mahesh is paying HUGE BRIBES to the security agencies who then abuse their powers and MAKE UP FAKE STORIES of computer work, so that the indore robber deepika is getting a monthly raw salary at the expense of the single woman domain investor who is actually spending 8-10 hours doing the computer work.

there are others like panaji gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, who are also not doing any computer work, yet getting monthly government salaries only by BRIBING LIAR corrupt security agency employees in goa to make FAKE CLAIMS

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