ITR-V delivered by indian post, but not received by income tax department even after 10 days

Due to the government SLAVERY, financial fraud racket in the indian internet sector , the resume theft victims are forced to send printed ITR-V to the income tax departnment, since the lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees impersonating them are extremely aggressive, shameless and greedy in stealing the savings of the resume theft victims, who are usually engineers with a good JEE rank
Yet despite sending the ITR-V by speed post, the signed ITR-V appears to have disappeared after it is delivered in Bengaluru. The speed post tracking shows that the ITR-V was delivered in Bengaluru on 26 August 2022, yet ten days later, the ITR department continues to send emails for verification of ITR, since they claim that they have not received the ITR-V till date
If anyone else is facing a similar problem, kindly send email to