Filing income tax returns for local persons exposed the google, tata hacking fraud

Google, tata, ntro are involved in a major computer hacking fraud on indian paypal account holders, hacking their laptops and then falsely claiming that the relatives and friends of top officials, bribe givers are doing the computer work, to get them raw/.cbi jobs with monthly salary without doing any work, without investing any money online […]

Shivalli brahmin officials made fake black money allegations mainly to get their lazy greedy unskilled relative a monthly raw salary without doing any computer work

In addition to the goan call girl raw employees siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan, who are promoted extensively by google, tata to avoid paying the call girls their fees for SEX services from million dollar profits, google, tata are also making fake claims about the relatives of top officials like riddhi nayak caro, bengaluru brahmin R&AW […]